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Thursday, December 8, 2016

4 Kiss Review: Savage Moon (Wild Lake Wolves #4) by Kimber White


When there’s trouble in Wild Lake, pack enforcer Alec Martel’s the guy who rushes in where other wolves fear to tread. He is one tough, hot, ass-kicking shifter who knows how to get things done and keep all the packs in line. This time, the biggest threat to pack harmony comes from Kane, a vengeful Alpha thirsty for power. When Alec goes to investigate, he meets Olivia Lord. Her luscious curves and tough girl attitude has his inner Alpha growling for more. The only problem is, she’s Kane’s mate. If Alec wants to claim Olivia for himself, he may have to start a pack war to do it.

Olivia Lord is trapped. Mated to a powerful, ruthless Alpha he controls every aspect of her life and keeps her away from the people she trusts the most. But a chance meeting with Alec leaves her breathless, speechless, and panting for more. He’s sexy, virile, and has Alpha written all over him, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. As Olivia starts to fall for him, she knows their forbidden love could spell disaster for them both.
With Alec and Olivia’s very hearts and way of life on the line, one thing’s for sure . . . Wild Lake will never be the same.

Reader’s Note: Each book in the Wild Lake Wolves series is a full length, standalone, cliffhanger free, super sexy, werewolf shifter romance. You can read them in any order but the smoking hot events within each happen chronologically. These wolves like it rough! If you’re not into that, you might want to sit this one out. However if you like hot, dominant, alpha male werewolf shifters and the kickass heroines who will do anything to please them, then one-click away and enjoy the ride!

My Review:

Olivia Lord grew up around shifters and is no stranger to their unpredictability. But Olivia never dreamed she'd be living the nightmare for the last six months. Her only hope is escape.

She's made plans and  just prays they will work to her advantage, but luck isn't on her side. A beautiful white wolf spies Olivia trying to escape, yet is unwilling to pass this opportunity go by without meeting her.

Alec Martel is the pack enforcer for Sebastian's pack who’s coming to investigate rumors about Kane's pack. Alec is determined to make Olivia safe and take her away from Kane for good. When fate has other ideas for this star crossed couple. Will protecting Olivia be Alec's undoing? Can a pack war be prevented? Your answers await you in Savage Moon.


I just love how each of these books builds on the previous one! In my opinion, not many authors do this for their series. Ms. White seems to have the knack for making it so with her books.

Savage Moon lives up to it's title. This action packed book hits the ground running and doesn't stop for anything. The characters and story were unique and classic in ways that defied other genres. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Savage Moon features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • werewolf
  • shifter
  • alpha male
  • mystery

Rating: 4 Kisses


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