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Monday, October 3, 2016

4.5 Kiss Review: Heart of Steel (The Iron Seas #2) by Meljean Brook


The Iron Duke introduced the gritty, alluring adventure of the Iron Seas, where nanotech fuses with Victorian sensibilities—and steam.
As the mercenary captain of Lady Corsair, Yasmeen has learned to keep her heart as cold as steel, her only loyalty bound to her ship and her crew. So when a man who once tried to seize her airship returns from the dead, Yasmeen will be damned if she gives him another opportunity to take control.

Treasure hunter Archimedes Fox isn't interested in Lady Corsair—he wants her coldhearted captain and the valuable da Vinci sketch she stole from him. To reclaim it, Archimedes is determined to seduce the stubborn woman who once tossed him to a ravenous pack of zombies, but she's no easy conquest.
When da Vinci's sketch attracts a dangerous amount of attention, Yasmeen and Archimedes journey to Horde-occupied Morocco—and straight into their enemy's hands. But as they fight to save themselves and a city on the brink of rebellion, the greatest peril Yasmeen faces is from the man who seeks to melt her icy heart.

My Review:

I´ve been waiting (longing) for this book for soooo long and it did not disappoint! I loved it! I’ve wanted to know Yasmeen and Archimedes’ destiny since I finished the first book, Iron Duke. They fascinated me then and their chemistry was just as great as I´ve imagined it.

Last we saw Archimedes, he was thrown overboard by Yasmeen into a zombie infested land far away and now we start off where she is to inform his sister about what happened.

I´m not going to give any spoilers, just know that a lot will happen, and you’ll see many twists you did not expect, and progress you didn´t think of.

And oh how I love this steampunk world! When´s the next book? Smile

Heart of Steel features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • steampunk
  • historical romance
  • zombies
  • mystery
  • intrigue
  • suspense

Rating: 4.5 Kisses

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