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Thursday, May 26, 2016

4 Kiss Review–Ride Trilogy MMA Romance (Ride #2) by Jayne Blue


MMA Fighter New Adult Romance
His tortured past threatens to destroy his future...
MMA fighter Mace Alois is in the ring for one reason. To win. But he's fighting for Raleigh Gibson not a championship belt. From the moment her lips touched his, Mace forgot everything else. His need for Raleigh blinded him and now he's paying the price. The demons that haunt this cage fighter are very real. To keep Raleigh alive and get her back body and soul Mace has to let his own beast out of the cage one punch at a time.
She needs him now more than ever and she needs him to win.
Raleigh's sheltered life was shattered by passion and a love she didn't believe could be hers. The bad boy next door turned her world around. She thought Mace's past was a painful but distant memory until it puts her life on the line. Mace's love for Raleigh needs to be just as strong as his fists. If not, she's a dead woman. Raleigh will have to rely on her mind and Mace's body if she's going to survive.

Their love and their lives are riding on the action in the octagon.
Ride Trilogy Book Two is the second book in a steamy MMA fighter romance series with a possessive alpha male and a young heroine fighting for her life. This romantic suspense MMA fighter romance contains a cliffhanger. Mace and Raleigh's second chance turns into a dangerous love triangle when his past as an MMA fighter threatens their future. Ride Trilogy takes you back to the 21C Fighting League and the sexy MMA fighters of the Great Wolves Gym from Jayne Blue's Hold Trilogy.

My Review:

Mace Alois has found love again with Raleigh Gibson.

Yuri Dubroff is threatening the life Mace hopes to create with Raleigh. When Raleigh is taken hostage by Yuri, a chain of events occurs which no one sees coming at all.

Mace is desperate to get Raleigh back, but he knows  he can't bring anyone in to help him; Raleigh will die if he does.

Raleigh is fighting tooth and nail to get back to Mace,  but she doesn't see how she can do it. Will Mace cave to Yuri's demands? Can Raleigh be rescued? Find out in Ride.


This action packed sequel doesn't stop from first page to last page. It was a real page turner for me because I just had to know what happened next! I’m definitely looking forward to see how this trilogy ends.

Ride #2 features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • alpha male
  • sports
  • angst
  • kidnapping
  • torture
  • suspense

Rating: 4 Kisses


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