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Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Undercover Professor by December Gephart


Rule Number One: Must not lie.
Rule Number Two: Must not live with parents.
Rule Number Three: Must have a job.
Rule Number Four: Must not be a friend's ex.
These dating rules shouldn't be hard for Lucy Benoit to follow—after all, she made them. But she didn't plan on falling for Andy Sullivan, a scruffy-yet-attractive man who lives with his mother and is between jobs. These should be deal-breakers, but in other ways Andy is just her type. And there's something intriguing about him…
Andy isn't the geeky gamer he claims to be—not by a long shot. But what seemed like a harmless social experiment has put his chances of a relationship with Lucy at risk. Even if she can get past the silly rules she has set for herself, will she ever forgive him for breaking Rule Number One?
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My Review:

When it comes to dating, Lucy has some rules – lots of them. They’ve been honed and perfected after several years of bad breakups and bad relationships. So why is it that when she meets Andy all her rules seem to fly out the window?

But unemployed Andy who lives with his mom and has no career prospects isn’t all he seems to be. He’s actually Dr. Andrew Sullivan, a sociology professor posing as an unemployed gamer trying to get the lowdown on gamer’s relationships for his new book.

Lucy is currently in a relationship with a guy who meets all her checklist, but then why doesn’t she feel what Andy makes her feel when they kiss? Just when she’s about to throw caution to the wind and give into what she feels for Andy, she finds out her crazy cousin, Becca, is in love with him and already planning their wedding.

Things get way more complicated and it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions until the truth is finally revealed. Will Lucy ever forgive Andy for breaking her most important rule that he must never lie?

Undercover Professor features:

  • romance
  • sexual content
  • suspense
  • humor

Rating: 3 Kisses

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