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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, #1) by Arial Burnz


Masked in a Gypsy guise, Broderick MacDougal hides his vampiric identity while seeking to destroy the man who slaughtered his family. When an old Clan rival ensnares Broderick in a trap using an enticing widow, he is compelled to discover if she is bait or an accomplice, and the cinnamon-haired beauty is his next conquest.
     Widow of an abusive husband, Davina Stewart-Russell clings to the only image that gave her strength during those dark times—the Gypsy rogue who stole her heart as a youth. After nine years, she is finally face-to-face with him again, but reality clashes with fantasy as she is confronted with Broderick’s passionate pursuit.

     When Davina’s past returns to haunt her, Broderick is forced to reveal a dark secret worse than anything Davina thought possible. The challenge before them has fatal risks and neither of them is prepared for the sacrifices expected for the sake of eternal love.
     Reader Advisory: This story contains explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, nail-biting scenes of violence and domestic abuse. (Don’t worry…the bad guys get it in the end!)

My Review:

Davina Stewart Russell has long held onto childhood dream told to her by gypsy fortune teller. Davina holds onto the strength in her heart for she'll need it in the future. Davina is barely hanging on at this time in part thanks to her husband Ian's abusive ways. Yet she knows that rescue isn’t in sight, either.

Davina's father doesn't trust Ian to be a proper husband or manager of finances either. Broderick MacDougal is Vampsyrian that uses the guise of a gypsy fortune teller to help Amice and her granddaughter Veronique. Broderick has spent his immortal life learning ways to help him be able to fight Angus Campbell.

Broderick wants to end this feud between them sooner rather than later. Broderick does his nightly fortune telling when he meets Davina again. Broderick can't seem to get Davina out of his mind or his heart.

Davina isn't the trusting soul she used to be. Davina doesn't really let anyone into her heart and soul easily. Davina is intrigued by Broderick, yet very leery of him as well. Will Davina let Broderick into her heart? Can Broderick gain Davina's trust? Will Broderick find Angus? Your answers await you in Midnight Conquest.

Rating: 4 Kisses



*book was provided to Read Our Lips! for review via publisher*

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