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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Dirty Romantic 9/14/2012




As I lie there in a quiet haze of post-sex sleepiness, a warmth begins to pull me up through the layers of sleep. The warmth spreads from my centre and up along my spine, my clouded brain not fully awake to the new sensations moving through my body.

And then I realise I’m inside your mouth and your tongue suddenly flickers across the head of my swelling cock. You alternate the warmth of mouth with hard urgent licks and swipes of your tongue. Your hand is firm on the base while your other gently cups my balls, caressing and massaging them.

I lie inert, letting the pulses of pleasure work their magic. I close my eyes and follow your movements in my mind, feeling for every touch. Your lips close over my thick head as your tongue welcomes me inside your mouth. Your teeth provide a sudden switch of feeling as you slip me inside your mouth, taking me further inside.

Your hand is perfectly in time with the movements of your mouth; the pressure and strokes moving with the flow as it slides easily up and down my shaft.

A sudden shift and you run your lips, tongue, and teeth down my shaft, working in perfect concert to tease and excite me to full hardness. They finish their journey on my balls, a harsh nip of your teeth quickly followed by the loving touch of your lips. Your hand has slipped lower, fleeting touches across my arse, circling the hole with a delicate trace of your fingernail.

Fully alert now and ready to take part as I move, your hand comes up and lightly pushes me back. It says this is your gift to me, no demands from you, no payment, pleasure given purely because you can, because you want to, because you need to.

As you slide your mouth back up, to once again take the head into your mouth, your grip on my balls intensifies and that searching finger finds its target. My hips move upwards, outside of my control. You know you have me now and the depth of your movements down my cock increase. I release a sigh of pleasure as all three pressures work to build up a momentum of lust inside of me.

I resist the temptation to take hold of your hair, wrapping my fingers between the tresses of black hair and guide your movements. Instead, I grip the bedcovers as the intensity within me grows. Your mouth is greedy now, moving in time with your hands, gripping, probing, sucking, and teasing me towards where you want me.

As my groans increase, I open my eyes and look down at you. This was the moment you were waiting for. Your eyes do more than all the other physical sensations combined. You use that power with expert control to multiple the physical sensations, bringing me to the climax you’ve worked so hard for.

As I come inside your mouth, your hands heighten the sensation with their own pressures and pleasures. I rock as you press your mouth tightly to my cock, waves passing through me as I buck against you. All the time our eyes have stayed on one another, telling more than we could ever dare say.

You keep me inside your mouth as the wave passes and I relax into the covers of the bed. Finally, you let me slip from your mouth, a bead of my cum slipping down your lip.

“Hello,” you say.

That one word lets me know we have more to discover within one another before our time is done . . .

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